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    About the publication language
    The language policy of the Proceedings is English. Articles are accepted only in English.

    Publication language
    All subsequent and special issues of the Proceedings are published simultaneously in English. The candidate's article submission be submitted in English. The submitted candidate must have a simple and clear language quality in accordance with the grammar rules of the submission language (English) and scientific literature.

    If the language editors deem the language of the candidate article to be insufficient, they may request language proofreading. A candidate article that requires language editing is completed by the following accredited language institutions and proof of editing is submitted to the editorial board. A candidate article that is not edited and documented will not be accepted for publication.

    The companies from which the author(s) can receive support in the process of translating and editing a candidate article are listed below.

    Elsevier Language Service, http://webshop.elsevier.com/languageservices/
    Edidzh, http://www.editage.com/
    Enago, http://www.enago.com/