Authors should know the following rules

    1. Online submission to email. Dear authors, the shipping method is very easy and convenient for you. You will send via e-mail.
    [email protected]

    2. Articles must be original. Articles in the following fields of science are not accepted: history (except politics), philology, fine arts, music, poetry, etc. (Art and humanities series)

    3. We prefer papers on technology and economics, education, innovation, finance, management, social psychology, statistics and etc.

    4. Innovations in the education system and educational technologies are of particular interest to the Editorial Board.

    5. Authors should use ORCID codes. Orchids should be full. Orchid pages should contain information about the authors (place of work and the works they publish). We accept articles without orchids, but if there are ORCIDs, this is an advantage for the author.

    6. Plagiarism and altered forms of translations from other languages ​​are not accepted unequivocally.

    7. Articles evaluated in another journal are not accepted unequivocally.

    8. Make a list of references in the articles in accordance with APA 7 style.

    9. The topics of the articles should be relevant and on the agenda. Articles on a previous history are not accepted.

    10. Articles should be in English, translated articles should be sent after quality editing.

    SEI Journal Proceedings Publication Fee is 300 USD. Payment is carried out on Card to Card or Bank (Zolotaya Korona to our Editorial Member address or Western Union).

    Contact information: